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2022 is
a digital lab, based in Athens, specializing in creative digital marketing for innovative brands.

We craft compelling digital experiences for brands and businesses of all sizes.
We create immersive digital solutions which allow businesses to tell stories that drive engagement, build loyalty, acquire new customers and increase profitability.

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Eleftheria Athanasopoulou

Her trademark is her innate ability to translate complex ideas into fun, engaging stories that influence market behavior. She loves bringing to life compelling digital campaigns and building brands up by unlocking their full potential. Her specialty is searching for new ways to challenge the way digital stories are told. The constantly changing nature of the industry is what keeps her on her toes. Well, that and Red Bull. She is probably drinking one right now.

Firm believer that one should always follow his or her passion and never be afraid to try something new, she is now the proud founder of 2022 DIGITAL LAB, a boutique digital lab focused on transforming businesses by creating unique digital experiences leading to brand engagement. Approaching every client with her signature ability to think outside the box, she is determined to make the web a better place and have a lot of fun while doing it!

the 2022

Our process is to adapt to your process. Each project is different, which is why we strive to provide an engaging experience, a constant dialogue with the client, from conception right through to completion.

  • Client Brief

    This critical phase will form the building blocks of the project. We study your brand, explore your industry and get to know your customers. We take the time to ensure we fully understand your business' philosophy, so we are absolutely clear on our combined vision for the project and what needs to be achieved.

  • Strategy & Planning

    With our research done, the strategy & planning process turns all information into a clear set of consumer insights, user objectives and business goals. At this stage we determine the who, what, why and when and develop a digital strategy that integrates all of the moving pieces to achieve our set goals.

  • Concept Development & Visualization

    This is where the magic happens! We work to bring our combined vision to life, setting you miles apart from competition. We develop creative that inspires change, initiates thought and encourages debate. We come up with ideas that engage, entertain and inform. We help integrate a brand not just across different platforms, but weave it into peoples’ lives.

  • Design & Implementation

    We specialize in connected digital interfaces that allow customers to interact with brands in natural, intuitive ways. We are perfectionists and craft the final outcome with acute attention to detail. We make sure our technology and data work in synergy with enhanced experience design, so incredible things happen for our clients – and their customers.

  • Optimization & Support

    Having a supercool innovative concept and design is just the first step; producing it optimally is what builds the high-quality finished product. The one that goes live and will be seen by all your customers. We perfect the processes and refine the systems. We plan for the future and provide long-term support to our clients.

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