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So here’s the thing – in today’s digital landscape customers expect to find your brand on Social Media. Lucky for you, Social Media is hardcoded in our DNA. We exist to tell stories that drive engagement, build loyalty, stimulate action and increase profitability. We place our focus on following your customer’s journey from awareness to consideration to purchase, by creating intriguing digital experiences that motivate consumers to take action.

2022 Social Media Marketing

So what is it exactly that we do?


First and foremost, we are curators of your social media presence. We build the roadmap to success aligning audience, business objectives and strategies in a way that leads to measurable results. We help you to stay ahead of the competition, by placing your brand in the right places at the right time, through the right messages.

Whether the goal is driving traffic to your website, increasing web conversions, raising brand awareness or simply growing your social audience, 2022 works seamlessly to produce results of the highest quality through big ideas, not big media spends.


We are strategists focused on creating powerful social media plans tailored specifically to the needs of each individual client. Every business has different objectives, a unique brand voice and a specific target market around which their social strategy is built. Defining a clear digital strategy is the bedrock of any project we undertake. We craft our game plan and we make every move count. Strategy helps us identify the tools and platforms that make sense for your brand, using a language consisting of local objectives and a global mindset.

We work monthly with you to ensure the initial strategy is being implemented correctly, necessary adjustments are incorporated seamlessly and that emerging trends are added to your ongoing efforts.


We are community managers helping you reach audiences as big as your vision. Keeping the attention of your target audience is more challenging than ever due to the vast amount of information available on the web. We nurture your audience and make it stronger, larger and more engaged by identifying where your target market is hiding, which platforms they are using, what type of content intrigues them and how often.

As you welcome prospects into your online community, engagement becomes vital. Our goal is to drive engaged prospects to keep your brand on top of their mind, advocate on your behalf in social channels, interact with your website content and ultimately convert and become loyal customers.


We are content specialists. We connect with consumers where they are, with content that is relevant, authentic and shareable. Social media content must be engaging and powerful to make a lasting impression on your target audience and create a buzz in the market.

We create the building blocks that tell your brand’s story, stimulate conversation and have the potential to prosper online. From graphics to color schemes to content creation, we help you build a unique visual identity, brand voice and messaging strategy that will set your business apart from competitors.


We are advertisers. We specialize in executing and optimizing social media advertising campaigns, including budget considerations, ad messaging and visuals. Objective, placements, ad type, delivery optimization, geo-targeting, demographic targeting, lookalike audiences, website visitor retargeting and custom email list audiences are only some of the things to consider when building a successful social ad campaign.


We are insight experts. We produce detailed reports of all insights relating to your digital campaigns, indicating what we need to modify to make sure your brand is maximizing its potential. Included in our reports you’ll find our suggestions for strategy improvement. A social media strategy must evolve to stay relevant. We guide you through the entire process so you can make the most informed decisions on your social marketing efforts.

Last but not least, we are partners. We see ourselves as an extension of your business who works tirelessly to help you unlock your brand’s potential. We’re all about collaboration, preferring to work with you, rather than for you. We are involved at every stage of campaign planning and execution, leaving you to focus on your business.



Our social media package includes social media strategy development, social content creation, scheduling & daily implementation, community management, influencer engagement, social media advertising, measurement and monitoring.



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