WE ARE 2022

2022 is a digital lab, based in Athens, specializing in creative digital marketing for innovative brands.

We craft compelling digital experiences for brands and businesses of all sizes. We create immersive digital solutions which allow businesses to tell stories that drive engagement, build loyalty, acquire new customers and increase profitability.
about us in detail

2022 consists of a unique blend of associates, both in-house and external. Crafters, storytellers and technologists who thrive at creating new ways to connect brands and audiences through innovative digital services. Basically, a small bunch of creative people with gadgets and WiFi.

We work with brands to develop fully integrated digital campaigns for their products and services across numerous devices and environments. We’re quick on our feet and we know our stuff. We adapt our services to address our clients’ unique needs, opportunities, and challenges and we guide them through their digital transformation. We treat all web, mobile, and social platforms as highly engaging business growth tools that help connect brands and audiences in significant ways.

Creativity, strategy and innovation are the key elements around which our practice is built. Small by design, 2022 can quickly scale up depending on the size and needs of each project.


We believe that every business is a digital business. Our job is to transform businesses and fuel brands by unlocking their full potential and placing all digital tools at the centre of their communication and business strategies. At our core, we see ourselves as agents of change, providing brands with the chance to create or reinvent their digital identity across web, mobile, and social platforms. We’re focused on powering business growth, identifying new possibilities, inspiring audiences and attracting customers. We believe that truly embracing digital isn’t just about following the latest trends, but curating them ourselves.

At the heart of everything we do is our relentless drive to challenge the norm and disrupt the markets through digital innovation, so as to design better customer experiences. This is what fuels our creativity and allows us to bring a refreshing and challenging approach to every project, regardless of scale and scope.


We tell stories. We build connections. We foster loyalty. We go where the audiences go. We orchestrate growth. We stay relevant. We make cool shit. We rock.

We’re your next digital partner.

Our mission is to transform businesses by creating
unique and memorable digital experiences leading to brand engagement.


+30 210 6443670

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